About Peter

"Nothing is more rewarding to me than serving the public and getting positive results for people in need."

Peter Koroma is a community advocate with decades of experience in public service and helping people deal with government. He is actively involved with immigration sponsorship and settlement services in Winnipeg, and has a history of supporting cross-cultural exchanges across the city. 

Peter is one of the creators of the Newcomer Youth Educational Support Services Coalition, which serves hundreds of newcomer youths in the city. This non-profit organization welcomes children from every continent who land in Winnipeg – providing summer and after-school learning programs that help them succeed in Canada.

An alumni of the University of Manitoba, Peter graduated with a Master’s in Political Studies and a B.A. in Economics. Since graduating, he has worked as a policy analyst for the province, a case coordinator in Family Services and a special assistant to River Heights MLA Dr. Jon Gerrard in the Legislature.

Peter is a strong advocate for poverty reduction and is known to get results for those in need. He is running a grassroots campaign to offer a new voice and new ideas for the communities of Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry.

Here is a short video showing Peter's passion for public service and helping people in need:

Let Peter know he has your support. Election day is Wednesday, October 24, 2018. Click here for a map of the ward.