Let's talk accessibility

Let's talk accessibility

Accessibility in reference to infrastructure improvements can take many forms. There is the need for wheelchair accessible intersections, as well as bicycle accessibility for ease of access around the city, and general mobility improvements to make our walkways and intersections more welcoming for all. 

We can improve many things when it comes to accessibility in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry.

Accessibility art is an innovative new idea that merges accessibility supports with art pieces. For example, there are intersections in Kelowna that have beautiful vertical steel beams with art woven into them and the name of the street on top in braille. Beyond Portage and Main, we have many intersections that could use improvements. 

We have to get serious about looking at rapid transit and all public transit infrastructure on a large scale. As the city's population continues to grow, public transit becomes a more important accessibility issue for newcomers, students and low-income families. This is why I support rapid transit, but we need a full and final plan for our city.

Across Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry, we should look at creating a new biking network through scenic routes along the rivers and major commerce areas. Similarly, we should seek out opportunities to increase parking spots around Osborne, Corydon and Downtown to increase traffic to small businesses. 

Accessibility is one area where we have the opportunity to work with other levels of government to make lasting and meaningful change. With your support, I will work to improve and beautify our infrastructure in this ward.


KelownaStBraille.pngKelowna Intersection: small improvements can make major intersections more accessible and attractive.