My Platform Newsletter

In case I missed you with my final round of literature, here is my platform newsletter — the contents are based on the conversations I've had throughout this campaign. Click on each page to zoom in.

On October 24, I hope I can count on your vote to bring these new ideas to City Hall. Let us know if you need a ride to the polls




Combating Meth

The alarm bells are ringing louder and louder when it comes to the issue of methamphetamine addiction in our city. Unfortunately, politics is getting in the way of investing in the solutions our city needs. The police and the families of those impacted agree that we need to try innovative ideas to tackle meth addiction in our city, which is why I support creating a safe injection site.

As I campaign door to door, I hear concerns about the healthcare and security costs associated with drugs in our communities. After a recent mayoral debate, Brian Bowman was asked whether he would go it alone to create a safe injection site in Winnipeg. I was encouraged that he didn't rule it out, because we can't let politics get in the way of saving lives.

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Modernizing Winnipeg Transit

While canvassing across this ward and listening to voters' concerns, one issue that continues to come up is the future of Winnipeg Transit. Many people are frustrated by the state of our Bus Rapid Transit project, and I have been hearing many interesting solutions. While some are ready to abandon the project, others believe we lack the political courage and foresight to complete a full and final plan for the city — an innovative, sustainable plan that uses best practices from other major cities across Canada.

I recently received a questionnaire from Functional Transit Winnipeg, and I'd like to share my responses with the public. I believe we need to modernize Winnipeg Transit in order to support our growing city.

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Three promises to voters

This is an important election, and I believe the future of Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry is central to the future of Winnipeg as a whole. Being home to multiple iconic places like The Forks, Osborne Village and others means when our ward is doing well Winnipeg is seen to be doing well. Voters in Riverview, Lord Roberts and other residential communities tell me they are concerned that City Hall needs to get its priorities straight. Too many businesses are struggling to stay open, and when businesses can't succeed these areas cannot thrive. We need new ideas to shake things up at City Hall instead of continuing the status quo.

If elected City Councillor for Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry, I promise to:

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Let's talk accessibility

Accessibility in reference to infrastructure improvements can take many forms. There is the need for wheelchair accessible intersections, as well as bicycle accessibility for ease of access around the city, and general mobility improvements to make our walkways and intersections more welcoming for all. 

We can improve many things when it comes to accessibility in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry.

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Opening Portage & Main

I support opening Portage and Main for accessibility and safety reasons. However, I have concerns about the final cost of this project.
This issue has been thrust into our campaign in a rather divisive way, and it is distracting from more important issues such as economic growth, poverty reduction, public transit and community improvements like bike lanes and green spaces. 
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Three ways we can improve Osborne Village

I have watched Osborne Village transform in many ways over the last few decades. It is home to a rich history and so many different cultural expressions, from family-owned restaurants to local music shops to some of the best nightlife in the city. Yet, there are also some challenges facing Osborne that we need to address.

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Four areas of focus

My campaign is about knocking on doors and visiting businesses to hear the needs of the community. My platform focuses on four key pillars: Community, Business, Infrastructure and Social Justice. These areas cover what I see as the City's key priorities.


There is no bigger priority than making sure our communities are vibrant, safe places for everyone who makes their home here. I will always be a strong advocate for arts and culture that celebrates our diversity and brings people closer together. This is an area where I know the ward has done well in the past, but I think we are due for a kind of art renaissance that can revitalize struggling communities.

When it comes to safety, the number one concern I am hearing at the doors is that drug addicts are vandalizing and trespassing on private property. We have to look at proactive solutions to get these intoxicated people off the streets and into rehab, which is why I support a strategic safe injection site in the city.

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