Three ways we can improve Osborne Village

Three ways we can improve Osborne Village

I have watched Osborne Village transform in many ways over the last few decades. It is home to a rich history and so many different cultural expressions, from family-owned restaurants to local music shops to some of the best nightlife in the city. Yet, there are also some challenges facing Osborne that we need to address.

I believe these challenges call for new leadership that will give voice to more community members and business owners in order to find innovative solutions.

Here are three things I believe we can do to improve Osborne Village: 

  1. Invest in finding new ways to make the Village more accessible and attractive, such as intersection improvements and new art installations. Let's give our talented local artists and architects new opportunities to beautify this neighbourhood.

  2. Increase foot traffic to small businesses by increasing parking options and building new bike paths to and from Osborne. The easier it is for tourists and Winnipeggers to shop and spend time in the Village, the more business we will generate.

  3. Give community members and business owners a voice in the future changes of this neighbourhood. I have been hearing many good ideas that City Hall should consider implementing. For example, some business owners are frustrated that necessary infrastructure improvements often lead to reduced traffic for their businesses when their doors or parking lots become inaccessible. They tell me that some form of compensation or the requirement for the construction to better accommodate businesses would be helpful. We need to listen to those who are directly impacted by the issues.

These are a few of my ideas, but I would like to hear from you. Please contact the campaign with any ideas you'd like to share.