Four areas of focus

Four areas of focus

My campaign is about knocking on doors and visiting businesses to hear the needs of the community. My platform focuses on four key pillars: Community, Business, Infrastructure and Social Justice. These areas cover what I see as the City's key priorities.


There is no bigger priority than making sure our communities are vibrant, safe places for everyone who makes their home here. I will always be a strong advocate for arts and culture that celebrates our diversity and brings people closer together. This is an area where I know the ward has done well in the past, but I think we are due for a kind of art renaissance that can revitalize struggling communities.

When it comes to safety, the number one concern I am hearing at the doors is that drug addicts are vandalizing and trespassing on private property. We have to look at proactive solutions to get these intoxicated people off the streets and into rehab, which is why I support a strategic safe injection site in the city.


This ward is home to some of the biggest business developments in Winnipeg. From Bell MTS Place to the many shops down Osborne, Corydon and Pembina, we have businesses of every size. As Councillor, I would work to reduce red tape and increase job growth through social enterprise. When we look at the number of vacancies and struggling businesses along Osborne, it is clear that we need leadership that reaches out to businesses in a new way.


With all of the infrastructure announcements and federal money flowing to these projects, the issue is not a lack of development but rather what we choose to develop. While street repair is important, it is about more than fixing potholes - we should be proactively looking for long-term solutions.

From transit to downtown revitalization, we have to think outside of the box. Rapid Transit is a perfect example of a good idea that has gone off the rails. I support Rapid Transit, but it should not be an ever-growing venture with no fully costed and final plan. At the street level, infrastructure means beautifying our communities to make them more welcoming and engaging while making them more accessible for everyone. 

Social Justice

I strongly believe that society is at its best when we are looking after those with the least. Statistics show that fighting poverty also reduces crime. With so many grassroots organizations fighting poverty alongside United Way Winnipeg, we as a City should do more to support poverty reduction and job programs at the grassroots level. This doesn't always mean increasing spending, when there are programs that need promoting or vacant dilapidated buildings that need a new purpose. The City budget is also a moral document, so we should make sure our tax policies do not hit the poor and working class the hardest. 

Listening to Voters

More than anything, I want to hear from the voters in Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry. I have spent decades helping people deal with every level of government, and I am offering voters a real advocate who will fight for your causes and make real change at City Hall. Click here to let me know what changes you'd like to see in the ward.