Three promises to voters

Three promises to voters

This is an important election, and I believe the future of Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry is central to the future of Winnipeg as a whole. Being home to multiple iconic places like The Forks, Osborne Village and others means when our ward is doing well Winnipeg is seen to be doing well. Voters in Riverview, Lord Roberts and other residential communities tell me they are concerned that City Hall needs to get its priorities straight. Too many businesses are struggling to stay open, and when businesses can't succeed these areas cannot thrive. We need new ideas to shake things up at City Hall instead of continuing the status quo.

If elected City Councillor for Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry, I promise to:

  1. Give voice to all voters. I am running as an independent candidate, not beholden to any special interests. I will be your voice at City Hall, and I will call for more transparency so that your tax dollars are not spent in secrecy.

  2. Focus on getting results. I have a progressive vision for our communities and the experience to get things done. I have worked on policies relating to business development, anti-poverty and immigration at different levels of government. I will have the ability to work with federal and provincial counterparts to create meaningful change for our communities.

  3. Work on economic growth and social justice. By promoting local arts and culture, supporting small businesses, investing in infrastructure and fighting poverty we can grow our economy and secure our communities. I will support sustainable development for a greener city and grassroots initiatives to combat the drug epidemic impacting our city.

On October 24, vote Peter Koroma for City Councillor and vote for new ideas at City Hall.